TDK Launches Next Generation HVC Series High Voltage Contactors

Posted:7/13/2023 1:42:03 PM

TDK Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange code: 6762) recently launched HVC27 (B88269X *) series high-voltage contactor. As a new generation of components, they can safely and reliably disconnect 300A to 500A continuous DC current and up to 1000V DC working voltage in lithium-ion batteries within 20 ms or less, depending on the model. The new series of components inherit the advantages of the HVC models before TDK, and usually adopt the sealed ceramic arc chamber filled with gas. The new design is that the Hall effect sensor can be selected as an auxiliary contact to detect the switching status of the main contact. HVC27 adopts a non polarity design, which only requires a single component to meet battery charging and discharging applications, as well as to provide power for motor drive systems and perform regenerative braking (energy recovery).

There are three mechanical versions available for UL certified HVC27 series components: the upright installation version (C1) has dimensions of 95 x 44 x 90 mm3 (length x width x height); The horizontal installation version (C5) has dimensions of 90 x 90 x 46 mm, and there is also an alternative model (NIL) to replace HVC25 (HVC200, 300, and 500). High current contactors have a choice of single coil or double coil, with operating voltages of 12 V or 24 V. The continuous working power consumption of the single coil version is 6W, while the dual coil version is only 4W. The cut-off life of the corresponding (450V/300A) resistive load is: the expected service life of the single coil version is 1500 times, while the double coil version is 2000 times. At 750 V/300 A, the service life is 150 and 1000 cycles, respectively.

High voltage contactors have the ability to continuously carry large currents, and are suitable for various applications, such as the quick disconnection of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles, and are used in DC Charging station and battery energy storage systems (such as photovoltaic energy storage and UPS systems).

Main applications

● Cut off the high DC current of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

● DC Charging station for electric vehicles

● Energy storage and UPS system for lithium batteries

Main features and advantages

● Non polarity design (suitable for charging/discharging applications)

Switching voltage up to 1000V, continuous DC current switching capability up to 500A

Gas filled ceramic arc chamber, which can quickly cut off large currents

● Auxiliary contact of Hall effect sensor (optional)