Privacy Policy

1. Website/application content usage by Wanxinda Micro Co., Ltd

The website/application reserves the right to interpret the content of this website and its content, for your personal use only. The content contained in copyright and other proprietary notices should be respected by you and a copy should be retained. If the website content does not have a rights statement, it does not mean that the website does not have rights, nor does it mean that the website does not claim rights. You should respect the principle of good faith and the legitimate interests of the content for lawful use. You shall not modify, copy, publicly display, publish, or distribute such materials in any way, or use them for any public or commercial purpose. It is prohibited to use these materials in any other website or other print media or Network Computer environment. The content and editing form on the website are protected by copyright law, and any unauthorized use may constitute legal rights such as copyright and trademark. If you do not accept or violate these terms, your authorization to use the website will automatically terminate, and you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials.

2. Information dissemination website

There is no guarantee of any form regarding the usability of the content on the Wanxinda Weibo website. Absolute accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The products, technologies, solutions, prices, and distributions on the site are subject to change without prior notice. The website content may have expired, and Wanxin Dawei has not promised to update them. The information released with motivation may still not be available for products, processes, or services in your local area. You can apply to the WeChat contact person and distributor of Wanxinda.

3. Materials submitted by users

Except for the privacy clause, any materials or contact information you send or publish to the website (hereinafter collectively referred to as information) will be considered non confidential and non proprietary. You shall not use this website in violation of laws, regulations, and public ethics, and shall not mail or send any illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or other illegal materials. If people have information content and influence, and there is evidence of warning or opposition to this website, please delete the message at any time or indefinitely suspend the information on the website's browser without prior consent, and there is no obligation to issue notices. In serious cases, this website can cancel users.

4. User exchange content

Wanxinda WeChat is responsible for monitoring or reviewing messages sent or posted by users, or only exchanging information with each other in any responsible area, including but not limited to chat rooms, Wanxinda WeChat forums or other user forums, as well as any content exchange. Wan Xin Da Wei assumes no responsibility for any content of such communication, regardless of whether it may lead to defamation, privacy, obscenity, or other issues. Wanxin Dawei reserves the right to treat content information as abusive, defamatory, obscene, or other objectionable when found deleted.

5. Website for downloading software

If you use the software when downloading it, you must comply with all the software license terms in the software license agreement. When you read and accept the previous provisions of the software license agreement, you are not allowed to download or install the software.

Wan Xin Da Wei respects and protects the privacy of all users who use this service. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services, the Jotrin application uses and discloses your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. However, the Jotrin application will treat this information with great caution. Unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy, the Jotrin application will not disclose or provide this information to third parties without your prior permission. The Jotrin application will update this privacy policy from time to time. By agreeing to the Jotrin application service agreement, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of this application service usage agreement.

6. Third party website links

The website links to third-party websites are only for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the website. Wanxin Dawei has not reviewed any third-party websites, and these websites and their content are not controlled and do not assume any responsibility. If you decide to access any link to a third-party website, the possible consequences and risks will be borne by yourself.

7. Limitation of Liability

Wanxin Dawei and its suppliers or mentioned third parties shall not be liable for any damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, data loss, or business interruption caused by damages), whether such damages are legitimate use or inability to use this website, as well as any website links or any information contained in such websites caused by such damages, whether they have signed the contract, infringed upon or any other legal basis