About Us

Wanxin Dawei was established in October 1997. The company currently has more than 60 employees, including MBA 2, Haigui 2, and more than 50 college students, with an advanced office area of 400 square meters, including international and domestic marketing, procurement, enterprise planning, technology, customer service, etc; Wan Xin Da Wei's annual sales exceed 80 million, and the future annual sales are expected to exceed 100 million; The company's customers are distributed in major cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Currently, less than 2% of domestic electronic companies can reflect such scale and strength.

Wanxinda is divided into two categories: agency and independent distribution, representing Cypress, Microchip, and IR brands. We have a mature sales and procurement team, strict quality management system, and inventory of major IC brands worldwide. It has established procurement and export centers in many countries and cities around the world.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principle of "reputation first, customer first" and has won the recognition and trust of domestic and foreign customers. Due to the needs of business development, Wanxingda Micro Company passed the national audit in 2006, possessed the "import and export rights", and passed the ISO 9000 quality management system certification. Anhui Xindawei is an ordinary taxpayer and can provide a 17% value-added tax receipt. Wanxin Dawei specializes in the procurement and sales of electronic components, as well as the inventory of unpopular, side door, and retired electronic components. It has over 10 million types of electronic components, covering hundreds of component manufacturers. The company updates and replenishes inventory on a daily basis. 95% of its electronic components are purchased from manufacturers, global licensed distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and CEM. In order to ensure that the products received by customers have no quality issues, Wanxing Microelectronics has established a complete verification process, strictly controlling procurement channels and quality control. Every batch of goods purchased must undergo a thorough inspection. Only products without quality issues can be delivered to customers. You can rest assured that Wanxin Dawei will provide you with the necessary parts in a timely manner. Choosing Wanxin Dawei means choosing convenient services, reliable quality, and long-term partners.